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A turd licking baby eating fuck up cunt bag hoebag pussy whipped hoelicking whore house son of a bitch crack whore crack baby fuckin shit eating fuck ass bitch.
The spaztic colon is molesting little 3rd grade boys again.
by 1337 May 03, 2004
never never oulways
Depresed Persian Towtruck Man
by 1337 August 31, 2003
Universal Self-Loading Pistol, in several mods, it is capable of firing 9x19mm, .40S&W,and .45ACP, the H&K USP comes with many faces such as the compact, expert, tactical and many more.
The H&K USP is a very effective firing arm.
by 1337 June 01, 2003
A counter-strike player who thinks he isn't mexican but is very mexican.
"Dude, there's that mexican Avesta"
by 1337 June 12, 2004
to eat adventurously. A reference to Anthony Bourdain, chef and author of iA Cook's Tour/i.
My friend went Bourdain and ate the cobra heart.
by 1337 February 17, 2005
A counter-strike player that goes by the name GoldenChild
"Dude, did you hear about wtfomgbeefcakemexican"
by 1337 June 12, 2004
The best Halo player ever. His superior talent is better than all the rest.
Noob 1- Lets raid the base
Noob 2- Yea...good idea Jimmy, lets so Scotty
Noob 3- Im on it
Noob 1- OMG that nucca Hash is a BEAST
Noob 2&3- Yes he is, man i wish i can be like him
by 1337 December 09, 2004

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