30 definitions by 1337

retarded version of word "pwned" which comes from word "owned"
omfg j00 gotz0r pvned!"!1111111
by 1337 March 02, 2005
When you flick a cats nose, it jubs backwards.
I touched the cats nose and its head jubbed back.
by 1337 July 01, 2004
Male Genitalia; a Penis; a Cock.
Pixagen sucks cak all day long
by 1337 January 18, 2003
North Atlantic Treaty Organization, made to unite nations and give peace, but mysteriously makes bullet calibres.
The M-14 fires the Standart 7.62x39mm (NATO)
by 1337 June 01, 2003
50 cent in the shower
Uzzza wangzta dichting them nobbs
by 1337 March 15, 2005
Short term of "Mensch Ohne Freunde"
(that's german and means human without friends)
You spend all your time in the internet,
you are such a MoF

For example "Jan Felsche"
he is the biggest MoF ever!
Call him in germany 497734/335
by 1337 February 19, 2005
Roling on the floor laughing my ass and other body parts off in pain
None at this moment sorry
by 1337 November 19, 2004

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