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Melbourne is a metropolitan city located in Australia, and the capital city of the state, Victoria. Melbourne is the second most populous in Australia - with a population of 3.9 million. From 1901 to 1927, Melbourne was the capital city of Australia, until Canberra took over.
Melbourne is the 3rd most economically livable city in the world, and overall the 17th most livable city in the world.
Melbourne is the centre of arts, education, culture, commerce, tourism, sports (particularly AFL) and industry.
Melbourne held the Summer Olympics in 1956.

Melbourne is also famous for its parks, multicultural society and its contemporary buildings.

The weather in Melbourne is unreliable and typical. It has boiling summers and cold winters. The temperature could range from 0 degrees in Winter to 45 degrees in Summer.
In one day, the weather can change dramatically. Due to its weather, Melbourne is known for its "four seasons in one day".
Melbourne has the largest Jewish population in Australia, with 60,000.
Some famous features in Melbourne are: The Eureka Tower - which is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, the Yarra River, Chadstone - the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere, Federation Square, Luna Park, Rialto Towers, Docklands, Chinatown, Parliament House of Victoria, Royal Botanical Gardens, Crown Casino and the Telstra Dome.

Sydney and Melbourne criticise each other, and fight over who is the best. But face it Sydney...Melbourne is the best.
Reasons why Melbourne is better than Sydney and why Sydney sucks:
- You think the Sydney Opera House is 'cool'? It's just the look of it that is decent, and since when was OPERA cool?
- The Sydney Harbour Bridge? Yawn. Who cares about a bridge?
- We have the biggest shopping centre and the tallest building in the southern hemisphere.

- Sydney is over-crowded and has financial problems.
- Sydney is dangerous and has a lot of bums and drunk people at night-time.
- Melbourne is known for a sport - AFL, and cricket as well...what sport is SYDNEY known for??
- Sydney-siders are unfriendly and are SHIT drivers. Car crashes are extremely common is Sydney.
- It's very, very hard to find your way around in Sydney. Even navigation systems stuff up and get confused in Sydney when showing you the way to places (in cars).
- Melbourne hosted the Olympic Games WAY before Sydney.
- Yes, I guess Sydney's beaches are better, but due to the weather, it's almost impossible to find a good day to go to the beach because of all its RAIN.
- Sydney has never been the capital city of Australia.

- It is hard to find decent food in Sydney.
- Sydney is never peace and quiet.
- Due to Sydney's over-crowdedness it is hard to find an area to place new buildings.

- Just because the mono-rail is 'fun' because it is up high and feels like you are going to fall off because it is so narrow, it is actually really dangerous, like on a boiling day, when the mono-rail tracks expand, the auto-thingmabob could fall off and you will crash to the ground. That's why it is safer to have trams (like in Melbourne) instead of mono-rails.
- Sydney is not multicultural, with mainly just the Catholic religion.
- Any tourists that visit Sydney never end up living there, tourists that visit Melbourne end up living here.
An American family is thinking of travelling to Australia in the summer holidays:
Bobert: Where should we travel to THIS year, Marianne?
Marianne: Oh, I reckon we should travel to somewhere not too hot, and not too cold. A place where we can have fun without just focusing on the beach. Hmm...what about Melbourne?
Bobert: Wow, Marianne! What a thoughtful idea, once again! This will be a memorable holiday!

A Melbournian and a Sydney-sider meet each other on the streets:
Melbournian: Hello, Sydney-sider. Nice to meet you. I am very much eager to ask, what is your name? Maybe we could be friends.
Sydney-sider: What the fuck are you doing talking to me, mother fucker?? Are you a Melbournian? My name is go fuck yourself, and I don't want to be friends with you, biatch.

Melbournian: Well, as I can see you are not the type of person I should be making friends with. I can tell, you are obviously a Sydney-sider. Just guessing.
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The name of a certain age group, usually between the ages of 9-14. "Tween" is another word for "Pre-teen", and is a modern word used commonly these days. Tweens are the age group in between 'children' and 'teenagers'.

Negative definition:
Depending on the maturity, tweens are usually 9-14 years of age. It is the hardest stage of life. These days, tweens try to fit in with the crowd, and keep up with things such as clothes and electronics, dramatically. They try to act mature, even though what they are doing is not mature at all. People in this age group who actually act like themselves are the cool ones, and shouldn't be known as a tween, but instead a pre-teen.

1. Watch Disney Channel;
2. Like retarded famous people, such as: Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, etc;
3. Buy their clothes from Supre, and buy their jewellery from Diva;
4. Play netball, basketball, or in some countries: cheerleading;
5. Have iPods and all of the up-to-date songs (no matter how much the songs don't suit the person);
6. (Australian tweens) have slight American accents;
7. Go on MSN instead of Facebook;
8. Must talk to friends on MSN instead of ringing them up.
1. Jodi: I hate my little sister Jordana. I was in the middle of watching Family Guy, then I left the room to get myself more salad when the commercials started. Then she entered the house with 3 of her bitchy friends. When I got back to the lounge room they had changed it to Disney Channel and were watching the retarded show Sonny With A Chance. She just has to watch it 24/7.
Rockford: What a tween she is.

2. Tweens on MSN:
Tiff: hEy OlIvIa!@!@!!11
Olivia: OMG HeY tIfF i HaVeNt HeArD fRoM u In LiKe DaYs!!@
Tiff: YeH!!! wE sHoUlD rLlY cAtCh Up!!!#!@!%@
Olivia: YyYyYeEeEeHhHhHh!!!!!!@@!!@!!1!!!1
Tiff: LiKe LeTs Go 2 ThE mOoOoViEs 2 C cAmP RoCk!!!!!@!
Tiff: k ThAtS lIkE sOoOoOoO tOtAlLy AwSoMe!! CyA tHeRe!!! AnD bY dA wAy CaN uR nIcKnAmE bE pIv InStEaD oF lIv!?????!!??
Olivia: yeehhhh Gr8 IdEa!!1 I lIkE dA sOuNd Of DaT nAmE!!!! iT sOuNdS lIkE pErV!!!!
Tiff: I kNoW rIte!?
Olivia: K....i WiLl CyA aT dA mOvIeS!!
Tiff: biiiii biiii PiV!!
Olivia: CyA l8Er TiFf!!!!!!!!!
Tiff: MwAaAaA.......xoxoxoxoxo
Olivia: xoxoxoxoxx
Tiff: HaHaAaahaaha!!
Olivia: hAHa lol!
Tiff: oK cYa @ CaMp RoCk MoViE!
Olivia: k ByEeEEeEe xoxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxoxxooxxpxxo
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1. An underrated TV series.

The first episode of season 1 starts with a black haired, blue eyed, 16 year old boy with no belly button. He wakes up in a forest outside of Seattle, covered in goo. He is clueless about everything and suffers from Amnesia.

Later in the show, with the help of his foster family, Kyle finds out that he was an experiment clone. His number was 781227. Due to unsafe happenings, he was saved, and thrown out into the woods by a helpful man.

In the process of him becoming a clone, they filled his brain with mathematical problems.

Kyle's mind is like a sponge. It soaks up every piece of information it receives.

Kyle XY's Pilot episode first appeared on ABC Family June 26, 2006 in USA. Season 1 was very popular. As Kyle began to understand everything and was not funny like in the first season, seasons 2 and 3 went downhill. Unfortunately, there will not be any more seasons after that, due to the unpopularity of the show.

The show Kyle XY was created by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber. Main Cast:
Matt Dallas - as Kyle.
Marguerite MacIntyre - as Nicole Trager.
April Matson - as Lori Trager.
Jean-Luc Bilodeau - as Josh Trager.
Bruce Thomas - as Stephen Trager.
Chris Olivero - as Declan McDonough.
Kirsten Prout - as Amanda Bloom.
Jaimie Alexander - as Jessi Taylor (season 2 + 3).

2. What you call someone who has blue eyes, black hair and no belly button.
1. Bobert: I'm so happy tonight. Wanna know why?
Robert: Why, Bobert?
Bobert: Because tonight at 7.30 Kyle XY is on!!!!!!!!
Robert: Yay!

2. Cassidy: Dude! You have no belly button!
Kyle: That is my unfortunate case. It is truly a mystery I must solve right away.
Cassidy: Pfft. I'll tell you why. You were an experiment 781227 and you're a clone. You were stuck in some box for 16 years. Then when you were 16, Foss threw you into the woods, leaving you with amnesia.
Kyle: Excuse me???
Cassidy: Oops! You're not supposed to know that until season 2! Dammit, I stuffed up the show.
Kyle: SHOW???
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 09, 2009

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To wreck someone's night by barging onto the stage while the person is receiving an award and saying things irrelevant to the person who received the award.
In the MTV Music Awards, when Taylor Swift received her music award, Kanye West Award Stomped into her, and said that Beyonce made the best music video of all time.
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 10, 2009

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A loud tee is a t-shirt which has big writing on it. The writing has one general purpose - for the public to read. T-shirts with a brand written on them don't count as loud tees.

Loud tees, depending on what they see, can show what type of person the person wearing it is.

For example, if someone has a loud tee saying "I Am A Material Girl", it shows that the person wearing the t-shirt is a material girl!
The most popular loud tees, which are usually worn by males, are humorous. A humorous loud tee can saying something like "I am out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message!" or "If you are reading this then you are a perv."
Loud tees can be funny, dirty, girly, the personality of the person wearing it, or to show just how the person is feeling today.
On a sidewalk, two friends are suffering from boredom and are in need of entertainment. Then a stranger wearing a loud tee passes them...
Bobert: Hahahaha! Did you see what that dude's loud tee said?
John: Yes I saw! "Of course I love you, now get me a beer!"

Bobert: That loud tee made me crack up. It just made my day...
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 09, 2009

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A Jewish day school for rich Jews, located in Melbourne, Australia. It is the largest and most populated Jewish school in Australia. There are a few kindergarten campuses and a couple of primary campuses. The biggest of all the campuses is the Gandel Campus in the suburb Burwood. This campus is for grades 4-12, and has 1400 students.
Scopus is a shorter name for people who can't be bothered saying the full school name. It's a Jewish school, but not religious.

Scopus is the most awesome school in every way; but the only reason why it's not so great is because of all the jappy sluts and super-large groups. The assemblies at Scopus are usually very humorous.

The only reasons why Melbournian Jews don't go to scopus is because of the mean bitches, or because of the high price and they are unable to pay for Scopus' awesomeness.
Bobert: Mummy, look at that girl across the street. I haven't seen her in this street before.
Mum: Yes, darling. Jodi and her Block family are new to the street.
Bobert: Mummy, why is she wearing a weird star necklace?
Mum: That's because she is Jewish.
Bobert: And why is she wearing that top? It's way too big for her.
Mum: Hmm...I don't know. I guess she goes to Mount Scopus Memorial College. It must be a trendy thing at that school.
Dad: Ugh, I have a bad feeling about that girl Jodi. I don't want another Scopus kid living on our street. That girl will be having street parties every week!
Bobert: But how do you know, daddy?
Mum: That's what Scopus teens do, Bobert.
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 09, 2009

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Someone who has eaten so many carrots that their skin has turned slightly orange.
Because of my vegetarianism, I like to eat loads of veggies and carrots, so I am a Carrot Face.
by (( ({>O<}) )) October 11, 2009

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