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Usually abbreviated to "bwd" on instant messaging programs and is a place in Sydney's inner west that attracts popular/androgynous males "lads" and popular/slutty females "lowies."
Annoying msn chick that keeps signing in and out: HEY PPL WHOS GOIN' BWD ON TUESDAY.
Poofy male (usually of italian or lebanese descent) : yeah, im going burwood to straighten my hair and do my nails.
by Whho, me? July 22, 2008
where the lads and lowies hang out. usually in the shopping centre westfields. burwood is located in sydneys inner-west.
lad:cmon bra, lets go illchay in burwood
lad2::yeh bra lets go pick up sum lowies.
by bwd boy April 24, 2006
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