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A random dude that a chick uses for sex.
I'd rather be alone than with some vag filler who's wrong for me.

She doesn't care for him, he's just her vag filler.
by @creativfluffer February 14, 2011
A guy that cheats on his significant other with a single mom. A guy that shoplifts the pootie from a single mom.
He was shoplifting the pootie from a single mom - he's such a Mommyizer.

He has a thing for SMILFs - he's a mommyizer.
by @creativfluffer April 11, 2011
A social media event where celebrities use Twitter to tweet their location so that fans can come and meet them.
I found out via Twitter that Gary Vaynerchuk was hosting a surprise Tweet and Greet for his fans.

It was cool that the TNA Wrestlers did a Tweet and Greet for their Twitter fans.
by @creativfluffer March 26, 2011
Someone on Twitter that you tweet dirty messages and photos to in order to have Twitter sex.
There's a chick on Twitter that teases me with her high heel pix and tweets. @creativfluffer is my Twitter Lay.

My Twitter Lay tweets me about what she wants me to do to her to get her off.
by @creativfluffer March 26, 2011
A man that creates a female profile on Twitter and tweets as though he's a woman.
My ex boyfriend became a Tranny Tweeter and pretended to be an old girlfriend of the guy I'm seeing.

Dick became a Tranny Tweeter to see if his ex's new boyfriend would hit on him/his fake girl @.
by @creativfluffer April 19, 2011
A married man that you meet online in a social media setting and form a intimate relationship with.
I Facebook him day and night, talk about everything, even his trouble with his wife and job, text constantly and even fell in love. He's my cyber married boyfriend.
by @creativfluffer March 02, 2011
The act of accidently emailing or posting something on a social media site that was meant to be private content.
Rep. Weiner made a huge cyber slip on Twitter when he tweeted a photo of his man junk
by @creativfluffer June 08, 2011

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