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29 definitions by <insert>

A celebrity who has a great rack but is a cock tease for not getting naked. Derived from Jennifer Love-Hewitt who has a nice pair.
She has a nice pair of Love-Jugs.
by <insert> October 01, 2004
When a sibling is doing so much better than you, rather than ending your life, you "do a Dannii", that is to get plastic surgery done to improve your body. Dervied from Dannii Minogue who was a no-name celeb until she got her breasts enlarged and then posed naked.
She totally did a Dannii to get famous.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
When someone famous gets totally PWND.
Loser Did you hear about Winona Ryder getting caught shoplifting?
Lamer Haha, celeb got PWND!
by <insert> October 01, 2004
When a celebrity has a no-nudity contract and uses body doubles for any nude scenes. Dervived from Alicia Silverstone who likes to cock tease but says she will never ever get naked.
Lamer Why wont that celeb do nude scenes?
Loser Cause she's a total Silverstone, dumb-ass.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
A new-wave of webcam chick from Canada.
Sweet Dominic was yet another Canadian Teen on the net.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
Sexy celeb who did loads of drink and drugs, cleaned up her act and posed for Playboy.
Drew was a crack whore.
by <insert> October 18, 2004
Singer known for her hot ass and exposed thong fashion sense. In most of her band's videos you can see her thong sticking out.
Gwen Stefani wears the hottest thongs.
by <insert> October 18, 2004