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When a girl keeps her thong on during sex. The thong is pulled to one side to allow penetration.
Kath wanted sex so bad, she hiked up her skirt, pulled her thong to one-side and got ready for some thong sex.
by <insert> October 01, 2004
When a girl likes to get fucked in all her holes in one session.
She got boned in all holes last night.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
To lick a girl's pussy through her Thong.
He loved nothing more than to lick her thong.
by <insert> October 01, 2004
Accroynm for Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck.

How to spot a MILF:

Woman mid-to late 20s to late 30s.
Blonde hair that's obviously out of a bottle.
Wears sunglasses or glasses in her hair.
Exposed mid-riff.
Exposed thong/g-string.
Pierced belly-button and possibly nipple(s).
Tattoo - either around belly-button or design on lower back.
Short skirt or jeans.
Tight t-shirt with no bra on underneath.
When out shopping you can easily spot lots of hot MILFs
by <insert> January 25, 2005
When a girl wraps her thong around a guys cock and jerks him off.
Kath loved to jerk off guys with her thong.
by <insert> October 01, 2004
After performing Thong Sex the man pulls out and shoots his load over the girl's thong.
He shot his load all over her tight little thong.
by <insert> October 01, 2004
When a girl's thong rises above her jeans so you can clearly see the waistband above the top of her jeans.
That chick's exposed thong is so hot!
by <insert> October 01, 2004

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