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A girl who goes clubbing dressed as a cock tease usually with her thong hanging out.
As the music played, the more flesh was on show.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
A type of webcam chick who strips down to her panties, but no further.
She's shakin' that thong-clad ass.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
During sex (usually doing her doggy style you pull out and continue to fuck her ass.
Jenny liked a bit of pink to brown.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
Poor girl who becomes very rich and famouse overnight. If you have zero talent, then a great ass is all you need. Derived from Jennifer Lopez who has the best ass in pop.
Jennifer Lopez had a little, now she has a lot.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
When a blonde girl prefers black cock to white. It's not unusuall for the blonde to be in a gangbang when this happens.
She loved nothing better than to have 2 big black cocks penetrate her tight ass.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
Referring to a poster on a messageboard who is a total fuckwit.
That user has a bad case of gay.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
A celebrity who has a great rack but is a cock tease for not getting naked. Derived from Jennifer Love-Hewitt who has a nice pair.
She has a nice pair of Love-Jugs.
by <insert> October 01, 2004
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