4 definitions by "bob"

Swote (adj) - A positive adjective describing something that is cool or funny, but at the same time witty or clever.
"Rearranging the church sign letters to say, 'Free enemas!' was pretty swote man."
by "Bob" August 11, 2006
LAIL (adj) - lail is used to describe something that is unintentionally funny and/or embarassing. This word is rumored to have either been started by Chris "Raab Himself" Raab from the indie movie Haggard or by the discordians after perverting the phrase "lol".

"Lail. Hope you like having herpies son, that bitch is skanktacular. By the way, she slept with 4 other dudes tonight."
by "Bob" August 11, 2006
a walking collection of STDs (genital warts included)
"I wouldn't touch Ashley with a ten foot pole" -any self respecting guy
by "bob" June 23, 2006
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