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A squadron refers to a single British Pound Sterling (£1).

Can also be shortened to Squad(s).

How much is that dutty club tonight?

Like 4 squadrons bruv, come on down.
by Mmmmmrk February 12, 2009
A compilation of several subdivisions that are within the same jurisdiction and are given a name for aiding in the locating process.
The squadron I live in is Southvalley.
by redlssgurl February 24, 2004
The collective noun for more than one Honda Pilot (popular SUV/Soccer Mom mobile).
Check out the parking lot at the soccer game, it looks like a squadron of Pilots out there!
by DanGarPrius April 12, 2010
an extremely hot chick, higher on a scale of rydeda caap.
check out that squadron, she aint no doodoopop salrig
by clancy benton May 05, 2005