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for a Man to shove his penis into a woman's mouth and aggressively have oral sex..
"Dude a had some great face sex with you mom last night"

"I sure oculd go for some face sex about now"
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
A person that takes a shit then leaves without waching his hands... (SAG = Shit And Go)
"Dude that guy just took a S.A.G."
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
Your aunt or uncle is 1 of the following:
1) a transexual woman (woman turned man)
2) your aunt just looks manly
1) a transexual man (man turned woman)
2) your uncle is a fruitcake that looks and act feminine.
"Your auntie's a man.... we call him Auncle"

"I'm not sure but I think you auncle came on to me.... I think...."
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
The first generation hybrid, Honda Insight with fender skirts covering the rear tires.
Your car is gay, it's a skirts with wheels.
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
Someone who can't afford REAL nikes from a footlocker or other trendy store and must resort to the $20 sweatshop made nikes and Big 5...
"Damn dagg look and you Big 5 Nikes... They are gay"

"Your so poor all you can afford is Big 5 Nikes"
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
A homosexual whom acts like a gangster or "Thug"... A Gay Thug...
That homo is a fug...
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
A Very Very manly woman. A Lesbian of butch proportions
"Check out Dyke Jones over there"

"Dyke Jones lookin bitch is gonna beat your ass"
by "B" to the "T" August 19, 2005
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