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Its pretty much a word you hear around Canada, mainly by the Toronto Punjabi diaspora to say "dog" or "dawg"...... it sounds best when said by B Magic the Rapper aka Brown Magician (the Canadian Punjabi one, not the black freestyler);
"yo DAGG, these boyz got no bars"

"aye DAGG, i was chillin with by boyz and we was trippin like crazy dagg"
by Yung Melanin April 25, 2013
its like another for for dangggggg except way more funn to say and normally people drag it out like daggggggggggggggggggg. if someone gets told off or deniedddd or pnwed, other people around will burst out shouting daggggggggggggggg
boy: hey wannna go out next fridayy? your fineeee;]
girl: fuck off loser
by megggy March 05, 2008
An Australian term for silly.
She put an orange peel in her mouth and smiled, she's such a dagg.
by IsoReaper June 15, 2016
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