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Tan and Black hair girl that's thick and loves herself no matter what anybody got to say she is intelligent,pretty,self-centered, has high self-esteem and just enjoys life she also is a joy into anyone's life
Zykeriah has a mind of her own and doesn't care about nobody's opinion.
by Keriaah January 13, 2017
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Very beautiful, kind-hearted and very smart.
Can be a little mean at times but she’s very nice when you get to know her.. no one can compare to ZyKeriah because she’s very unique and one of a kind, she doesn’t open up to people a lot but when does you’ll appreciate every moment of it, her laugh, smile, just everything about her is everything.. if you lose a ZyKeriah you’ll end up wanting her back
Boy #1: woahhh who is that😍
Boy #2: oh yea that’s Zykeriah😊
Boy #1: I think I’m in lovee
by CassonovaZ March 28, 2019
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Zykeriah is a good person to your heart, she is funny, doesn’t care about anybody’s feelings, very athletic, sweet
Zykeriah is charming
by Zykeriah November 23, 2018
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