A group of people from south africa. They are the best people any person wil ever meet. they party like zorstars! You can find them in any bar in South-africa! They will have awesome hair and awesome clothing! Check them out. and they love peace!
"Waar is die zorre vanaand?, ons wil party!"
by Jako-zor October 21, 2009
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a suffix added to words on the internet that adds emphasis and leetness.

note: on 'please', drop the Z and add an X, due to ploxor looking better than plozor
"hey, can you pass the butter ploxor?"
"I got my lightsaber in the mailbox, time to pwn some nubzors!"
by king Zor September 16, 2006
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Commonly used among the douchebag online gamers to put emphasis on any word simply by adding -zor to the end.
Holy shit Ted! You just got ownzored by that newbzor!
by Pierce S. December 09, 2003
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buy the domain for your foodie vlog
Meaning every that is to be Leet
omgzors Look at those Zors there invading!
by Bill Cosby June 06, 2004
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The common name used by the gamzer Candyman SB to describe challenged gamers or those terrible in comparison to his gaming prowess.
Candyman SB Pwnzorz teh noobzorz
by Candyman SB January 31, 2008
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