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Zoomar is a sport that has lasted through the centuries and survived countless global disasters. The ancient Zoomarian texts define zoomar (Latin for "natural") as man's connection to the world around him.

Zoomar involves the practicing of various movements, the majority of which are based on animals. Its practitioners, zoomari, engage in zoomar with the goal of becoming one with the spirits of their fellow creatures.

It has, however, had its fair share of imitators, including mockery sports such as parkour (which was actually developed thousands of years after the rise of zoomar).
-Malcolm: Why is Nabil running in front of that car and moving like a cougar? Is that like parkour?

-Abdulla: Dude, that's called zoomar! Its way more advanced. What Nabil is doing is called the cougar movement. Only the most skilled zoomari in the world can learn such a technique!

-Malcolm: That's awesome! I'll go tell Cascone about this so that we can both become zoomari! Parkour is so lame compared to this! Anybody who practices parkour is a cracka jack!
by The Zoomarizer February 14, 2008
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A sport that has ruled for over thousands of years and has three ultra-extreme levels.
Malcolm have you tried Zoomar?! It fuckin' beats that Parkour crap!
by Zoomar Groupie April 22, 2008
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Zoomar is a mockery sport, created to make fun of parkour and traceurs. It is based on animal movements. It usually involves looking ridiculous while moving about. Practitioners often yell out the word Zoomar while performing.
-Yo why is Nabil running in front of that car and rolling over that ledge?
-Oh he's just doing Zoomar because he saw me doing Parkour earlier.
by Rooftop Ninja January 29, 2008
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