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receiving head or giving head to a dead/undead person

tim: what were you doing down at the cemetery last night?
frank: I was getting a zombie job from my wife
tim: isn't she dead?
frank: ya
by redeyez333 February 06, 2009
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In essence, this sexual accomplishment takes far more than pure inner enlightenment. It takes years of skill, and when performed correctly will actually remove the male genitalia through a sucking process similar to that of a industrial vacuum.

Through analysis, one will reach the conclusion that this is anatomically impossible. However, this assumption is false. It's seldom seen to work, but I myself am an originator of this sexual concept.

The penis is removed through oral stimulation and the balls are sucked up through the urethra. This takes years of experience kids, and you probably can't afford it.
Zombie Jobs aren't gay if your doing your friend a favor.

Sister: I can't believe you gave dad that fatty Zombie Job last night.

Me: Oh yea sis sorry you weren't invited.
by Senator Barrack Obama October 18, 2008
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The act of performing fellatio on an individual who suffers from leprosy, and/or a severe case of herpes simplex during an outbreak (otherwise known as "Bloody Brain").
blow job herpies zombie job blood brain leprosy zombie job
by Jay Hoes Witness May 25, 2012
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