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Spending way too much time trying to find one of the bored keyboard combinations that is not defined on Urban Dictionary, just so you can define it. The sheer pinacle of boredom

(Sorry, I beat you to it)

It is made by alternating the futhest left and then right on the bottom row, and then going up onto the next row to g and going out, alternating right to left, then going up again and alternating right to left going inwards to the middle
Person 1: Awww man, I am so bored. All of the combinations have been defined on Urban Dictionary!
Person 2: Have you tried qpzm...
Person 1: Yup
Person 2: What about qmwn...
Person 1: Yes! I have tried all of them
(This goes on for a while)
Person 2: What about zmxncbvghfjdkslapqowieuryt?
Person 1: Ummn, No!
(Proceeds to try it)
Person 1: It is defined, Someone called Confessions defined it :/
by Confessions March 15, 2019
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