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An energy drink powder, which comes in a tube,that has just recently been released at costco and other fine stores across the u.s. The instructions on the side of the tubes say you are suppose to mix it with water, but the people that abuse it get an instant high by jsut eatign the powder which causes you to have invuluntary spasms. the powder gets its reputation from its nutritional facts which says it contains 41667% vitamin b12 for every tube.
I was too tired to finsh our essay today so i had to take some Zip Fizz
by Jeff Stiles August 21, 2006
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Vitamin-loaded, sugar-free energy drink mix that's tastes like Flintstones chewable vitamins meets Alka-seltzer that my wife thinks is delicious and reminds me of my mom giving my a chewable vitamin as a kid. I firmly reject those Zip Fizz pitch people at Costco and Sam's Club that try to force their nasty samples of death on me.
Zip Fizz is the second nastiest energy drink on the planet, next to the kale, peanut butter, raw egg, bee pollen and apple cider vinegar smoothy my body-builder nephew drinks.
by Crack of Don August 29, 2017
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