An electric coffee grinder when used for busting up marijuana.
He popped the chronic in the zing zing and busted it up nice and fine for the blunt.
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A synonym to the original "Zingin". It's the feeling of having extreme mental clarity and utmost cognitive function. It typically happens when one is high off stimulants and/or nootropics. It's the sense of "flying high & mighty" off uppers or supplements that improve focus, euphoria, & cerebral ability.
Damn I'm zinging off this coke right now!

I love zinging off vyvanse haha
by WrightTurn July 2, 2021
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A word used from hotel transylvania for crush or love at 1st sight.
Shakira: oh wow that girl is beautiful
Kanye: yh I thing I just zinged
by Missesannoymous2468 July 8, 2020
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the awesome game that is based off bop it except in yo-yo form. its commands are bop it zing it(make the yo-yo go down and back) and loop it(loop the yo-yo)
Jack: dude this zing it kicks ass.
Greg: cool they did bop it in yo-yo form
by All-American-Badass July 4, 2008
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A word used by Dracula on the movie Hotel Transilvenia for explaining to his daughter the sound fits the most to the feeling of true love.
See the movie and understand... Zing!
by ronieitan April 1, 2013
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The new term for owned, said after saying something witty to someone in an insulting manner.
Person 1: So, what'd you do last night?
Person 2: Your Mum.....ZING.

(although you usually have to say somethign funnier than this example)
by cool_penguin_0 June 19, 2004
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