An affectionate term for a person of diminutive height, often with extremely large eyes.
That new kid with the big eyes? He's such a ziggler.
by jtay ziggler January 20, 2011
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(1.) Noun: Dolph Ziggler, current wrestler in the WWE. He sells moves like expensive water to Indie music festival goers. He also works hard, looks super fine and is extremely charismatic. Although he is the enigmatic character he is, he gets no love or push to higher raking from the company.

(2.) Noun: A hot bowl of prepared ramen noodles, that appear to look like the WWE wrestler's hair.

(3.) Verb: To work excruciatingly hard at your job, making every person around you look strong and righteous while you break yourself in two and still get no thanks for it.
1. "Ziggler sure is fired up tonight!" said the announcer ringside.

2. "I feel really sick/poor, I should make myself some Ziggler."

3."All I did to day was Ziggler around my workplace, and I wasn't even supposed to be there today!!!"
by kumadoriii February 27, 2015
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The world's most horrendous, offensive, and slanderous word towards another human-being. Some say it's worse than the infamous "fuck you."
"Fuck you John!"

"Oh yeah Steve? Well, you're a ziggler."

by Potsie August 13, 2007
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A pimple on the penis that covers the urethura.
Ouch! I couldn’t pee in the morning until I painfully popped my ziggler!
by bigbillsnyder June 10, 2018
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homemade device made for smoking that bud. its mainly used when the blunt burns too small to hold. its made from plastic bottles, all you need is a boge,a bottle(plastic) and your blunt. burn two holes in the botte with the boge one to put your blunt in, the other is the carb. put your blunt in hold the carb and milk that bottle and clear it you will be high for hours.
Dude this blunt is tiny as hell, go grab the ziggler.
by K Dub Sacs September 18, 2007
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