Zenab was originated in New Jersey. It means super cool and not jank. It also means athletic, smart, beautiful, funny, and musically talented. It can be used as either a noun or an adjective.
Wow that girl is so zenab!
She makes me smile so much, what a zenab!
by JYoo April 15, 2005
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Zenab is an amazing noun, very beautiful, pretty, and cute. Zenab is usually given to someone with an outstanding smile and a big head.
"Look right there, that's a Zenab"
"Wow she's so beautiful, who is she? Oh what a Zenab."
by Sukaik March 9, 2015
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A Manitoba expression to describe a cokeslut or partygirl, who is only interested in using men to obtain further resources to party further.
Why is Scott even entertaining the idea of going out with that girl, I know he will get to fuck her but he will be had, she is such a Zenab.
by trentkent August 21, 2007
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An expression used to troll Pakistani netizens who often use 'Zenab' to refer to each other. Derived from poor English-Urdu words that are used by Pakistanis in the comment sections of YouTube, Reddit etc. Other variations include 'Zhenab' and 'Zenaab'.
Zenab ye Endians bohot pareshan kare haye. Why do they alveyz do dis?
by PKMKBMadafaka September 21, 2019
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