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Giving a zombie a blow job. Instead of spitting out a wad of cum at the end, the giver usually has to spit out the zombie's dick because it has fallen off. Only a really dumb ass would give a zeej. Note that the reverse of this scenario is really just a zombie that probably doesn't have any teeth trying to gnaw on a dick.
Have you seen Left 4 Head? Zeejs everywhere!
by Laser Sanchez February 27, 2009
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1. The accumulation of transparent goo on a cybernetic duck's left Lacrimal Caruncle. It is occasionally used as an explative.

2. The sound of a horribly broken muffin fan.

3. The sound one makes after seeing an epic cringe.

4. An obscure ancient game played by greek demi-gods, where contestants hurled goat livers at fleeing villagers.
1. Zeej usually accumulates only on the left Lacrimal Caruncle of most cybernetic ducks.

1.5 "Oh Zeej!" "Zeej Nuts." "Zeejee Weegee" " Zeej n' Queej" "Zeej Me!"

2. The muffin fan must be broken. It's constantly going "Zeeeeeeeeeeeeej".

3. *sees a "pranking the hood" video* Zeej! That's just... Zeeeej...

4. "Yeah, I heard Aetes got a Hernia and a sprained earlobe during a really intense game of Zeej. Poor guy."
by Nimrackle Vorbunzverry October 06, 2016
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