A combination of two Saturday Night Live alum movie quotes; zang meaning "excellent" according to Mike Myers in Wayne's World, and the redneck dang that David Spade says in Joe Dirt when he thinks something is cool. More punctuated when said in a southern accent like David Spade's character Joe Dirt, better punctuated when the 'a' sound is dragged out and given an extra syllable.
"Zaa-aang! That girl is crazy hot!"
by Laura Chatterton May 03, 2007
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To leave a place or situation quickly.

Synonyms: bounce, skedaddle
this shit sucks, I'm finna zang.

damn the teacher's coming in let's zang!
by crazygoose101 November 24, 2016
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1. when someone performs the naughty, the person is said to be "zang"

2. when a baller schools on the court, s/he is commonly referred to as "nasty", but "zang" is used in epic instances
Anne is zang
by innocentone823 September 24, 2011
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cool, funky, hip and happenin, sweet.

can also be used as saying 'good' eg. thats zang, man.
That is totally zang.
by christine July 27, 2004
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