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a zakayla is very gorgeous and all ways honest people always will call her ugly but that means they think shes and beuty and once you get to know her she funny but dont talk about her you will regret every moment . she is beutiful in her own way and if she doesnt glo now she will really glo later boys will be on her as she getting older you do like a zakayla now you will later and her twin will always love
#twin # she is a twin # zakayla is ugly # zakayla said thankyou for the colimplment .
by 0nly1m3.k June 02, 2018
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Come off as a very stuck up person, but once people actually get to know her;You'll see otherwise. Is very free-spirited and stay away from her when she's mad. Talk about crazy bitch
by Nene321 December 20, 2016
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