zabar is a hindi word for very high degree of the adjective of awesome. (In hindi 'jabardast' )
1. Natalie is looking zabar in Black swan

2. Bole to ek bandi agar awesome hai to tu kahega ki jabardast hai .. par agar koi bandi patakchod hai to tu zabar kahega ... AFAIK, it's origin is Bihar/UP.

3. Shruti Hassan luck mein zabar lag rhi thi
by RealBC December 21, 2010
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Zabar’s is a Jewish grocery store on the upper west side, Famous for lox and bagels and… Nothing else really. But they’re lox and bagels are really good, if your willing to pay 50 dollars a pound. But you will because there’s a nice Jewish grandpa behind the counter.
“I’d go to Zabars but I need to pay rent in Manhattan
by Plagiarism22 September 5, 2021
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