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coming from the suburbs going into the ghetto, meets a new life. hustling the drugs, and all of the money.
Z Money is the dough.
by puncake May 19, 2007
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The act of loving the booty, praising the booty, looking for the booty, and fried chicken. Zmoney is a bootylicious man/baby
Check out that booty lets call zmoney
by I love clementines December 01, 2014
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The biggest OC dealer around... Probably the biggest that ever lived. Can be found driving a white Yukon on 24's. Has tons of dough and knows how to use it.
Whoa... who was that driving past with all the girls?
Don't you know? It's Z money honey!
by twillip67 September 23, 2007
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A beast he gets so many girls. He's a hype beast, athletic, dope, and good hair. Aka MR. STEAL you're bitch. He's makes it rain. He is a man of the booty.
damn he went Zmoney on her ass
by Jsnshshsh April 01, 2017
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