slur referring to zoe laverne
you can’t say the z*e slur!!
by zlpisoverpartyy November 2, 2020
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A 19 yr girl who faked abuse fake cries lies and showed b**bs on live on TikTok etc
Look it's z*e lagroomer
by that Tiktok gurl January 6, 2021
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Z*e is a girl who would probbarly however out with Harry (Vtrustedharry).She is such a bad influence- srsly stop liking her-
Person A: I love Z*e Laverne! she is anazing!
Person B: Same!
Me:I will fucking steal Monokumas executions to kill u!
Person A: why?
Person B: Yeah why?
Me: She fucking likes a 13yr!Jeez 9yr today!
(No offence to 9yr)
by Pixelcandy November 16, 2020
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A THICC Youtuber who makes gamplay videos and memes also music.

Sub 2 H a z e
H a z e is a good Youtuber
by Thicc mum May 29, 2019
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Z*e is a famous tiktoker

She groomed a child
Z*e Laverne is a really bad person!
Yes , ikr.
by carol yas January 28, 2021
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a p3d0, gr00mer, racist, and an attention seeker
@xxzoelavernefanpageomg“z*e laverne is my idol!”
honestly why does she still have fan pages-
by deadraccoonsaretasty December 2, 2020
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Between two people that are not exactly sure what their feelings are for each other. More then "Like", Not exactly "Love"
I dont know what it is. Maybe its love, maybe not. Whatever the case, I X-Y-Z-E you.
by Your Girl January 7, 2008
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