someone far far from being a celebrity but somewhat known, if not by name then by face or reputation
"Everyone in Wollongong knows her, she's a z lister"

"I knew his name long before I knew him, it was like an itch in the back of my brain and I couldn't quite just put my finger on how I knew him, probably just some local z lister."

Taylor Swift -

'Your ex-friend's sister
Met someone at a club and he kissed her
Turns out, it was that guy you hooked up with ages ago
Some wannabe Z-lister
And all the outfits were terrible
2003, unbearable
"Did you see the photos?"
No, I didn't, but thanks, though'
by tradactor October 22, 2022
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Z-lister is a term for when you edited your phones contact information by putting a letter Z in front of their name on an individual you break up with or have a bad date with someone. Putting a letter Z puts the contact at the bottom of your contacts.
Bob broke up with Tina and now she is a z-Lister. Hey Tom, Mike wants to know if you want to date one of his z-Listers.
by dailybragger June 21, 2014
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