the act of slapping your testicles on the back of someone's head
i got z bagged when i was sleeping
by Skipper21 December 23, 2006
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Z-bagging is when you dip your scrote into a cool pool of Zima.
"Hot day. I could go for a quick z-bag, what about you"

"Yeah let's do this"
by treasureman November 6, 2009
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When someone is as terrible as Mark Zuckerberg. Since neither the heterosexual nor homosexual communities want him a new slur had to be formed to express how awful he is
Guy 1: "Hey guys get the hell out of here, you're being a bunch of Z-Bags"

Guy 2: "WHOOOOAAAAAAA! Dude toooooo far....." *silently sobs*
by The Chanks September 21, 2011
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Hey, babe, wanna go back to my apartment for some 'coffee'?

Hell no! That place is overrun by Z-bags!
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