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A very kind person. Love cats. Caring and loveable. Have bad and sucks taste of music. But very hardworking person. A very good companion. Like to watch anime. Moderate singer. The other synonym is abui. Best one at giving advice.
You are yusri.

Your taste in music is yusri.

Your voice is yusri.
I like you, cause you are yusri.
by Edlor December 28, 2017
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Yusri is a male name given to a hardworking person. He loves sports as he’s talented at any sports he plays. He’s caring and cares about another persons happiness. Has goals of being successful and being rich and without a doubt he’ll accomplish his goals.
Yusri is smart.

Yusri is clever
by MysteryManYoullNeverKnow January 06, 2018
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