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1. A person who watches the OC, listens to pop rock as it were heavy metal, and wears a collared shirt with the top 1/3 open. They also tend to wear excess amount of hair gel ( amounts that could feed hundred of starving children in Malayasia). Gold, expensive-looking chains and dress pants complete the look. Yuppesters also tend to like to quote movies from long ago, and love to hold ridiculous opinions about everything from politics to sex with absolutely no proof whatsoever. Simply put: the world would be a much better place with out them.
2. 95% of West Palm Beaches' population
Person 1: " Kurt is a goddamn yuppester."
Person 2: "Why, did he hit on you?"
Person 1: No, dude, he said women like foreplay"
Person 2: " Ha, what a jackass, he obviously has no clue"
Person 1: " Want to beat his head in?"
Person 2: "Nah, don't want to get hair gel all over my hands"
by Desertfox January 24, 2006
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