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a guy who is oh so cute and sexy at the same time that you just want to eat him all up...and do something naughty with ;)
boy, you are so yummylicious, i can squeeze and kiss you all night
by luna29 February 21, 2008
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a word that is used to explain how food tastes that is tastefully delightful.
"This soup is yummylicious."
by fdrew August 05, 2006
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"Yummylicious" is beyond delicious. Food that tastes so good that it makes the taste buds cry.
Tilou: I have never tasted anything like this in my life. What is the recipe?

Tika: No girl, can't give it away. It's a secret.

Tilou: This cow feet gumbo is beyond delicious. It's "yummylicious,"
by lili dauphin October 10, 2009
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Extremely delectable edibles. Expression may also refer to a unique color or outstanding article of clothing.
This pineapple-banana smoothie is absolutely yummy-licious!

I just saw the most yummy-licious eggplant pashmina shawl!
by Bahrainz November 18, 2002
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Yummylicious is a combination of the two words yummy and delicious. It shares the same meaning as the aforementioned words but has 100 times stronger usage. It is more than yummy, but less than godly.
Dude #1: I just had some chicken teryaki at that Chinese takeout place and it was so yummylicious i had to order two more plates of it.

Dude #2: That sounds awesome! I should order it sometime.
by Mr. Flapjack July 02, 2010
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A cross between yummy and delicious. If something is yummylicious, it is one of the best things you have ever tasted.
OMG, have you tasted this chocolate mousse? It's yummylicious!

Mom: How's your food?
Kid: It's yummylicious.
by neologistgirl June 05, 2011
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