A message board based initially on YGO, but now just a wasteland of psychos. It has users who come ang go quite frequently, and a selected few who call it home.
Flame Cerebus: I > You
Poochy818: Prove it. Discuss. >_>
by Poochy818 November 04, 2003
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A GameFAQs message board. YSB is the short form of the "Yu-gi-oh Social Board". Although, very little talk on Yu-gi-oh goes on, it's very unpredictible. Also known as the "557".
The YSB- We'd hit it...twice!
by J* January 01, 2004
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The "cool" place to be
Mysty, Arcane, Ameph, and CG7 fanboys everywhere!
It's up to Infernal, Kenri, Magna and the rest of the YSB to elimante these fanboys, and bring peace to the YSB
Fanboy 1: Ameph, I love you! <3 I want to se><ors j00 in teh face!!!!shift!!!1oneshift!!
Infernal: DIE N00B!
by CheeseMaster October 30, 2003
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a small group of crusty stoners who kick aboot sumerhill
ysb - got a grum ere pal

non ysb -no you scatty mink ge gone
by topshagga ye ha May 09, 2019
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Young Shotta Boy

Alanta GANG

Define as for members to be Shotta Boys
by Yvng Drw August 03, 2019
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person 1: are you white?
person 2: no i’m a ysb (young spanish boy)
by rbr December 06, 2019
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