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A girl with beautiful hazel eyes. Always with a smile on her face. Has a amazing singing voice. There's a possibility there's only one yorgelis in the world, but she's gorgeous, sexy, funny, charming, crazy a little bit but she's a gift. The person who has her is very lucky because that person has a huge smile on there face and proud to show her off. When she laughs so makes everyone laugh, she makes everyone's day. She always has goals for her life and they all will succeed. She don't need make up or fancy clothes to look gorgeous. She's gorgeous with her sweat pants and sweat and curly hair. No one will be like yorgelis because she's unique and only for one person.
Person 1: I want yorgelis already

Person 2: watch out she's like a thin piece of glass. That's how gorgeous she is.
by CrayCray9317 March 14, 2017
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