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short for Yolanda, similar to Yoli and Yolie. the most beautiful girl you ever meet and the greatest friend you'll ever have. they are always cheerful and have a bright smile and have shiny eyes. their ass is unbelievable. their swag makes guys go psycho. a odd girl that sneaks out alot to go party, usually at night. they talk to everybody and are always the life of the party. they drink pink drinks and smoke purple blunts. they love to ride fast and fuck hard, mostly in random place. most of all, yolee is fucking crazy lol
guy 1- Fucking Yolee was crazy last night!

guy 2- What did she do now?

guy 1- She said she always wanted to fuck on a swing.

guy 2- Did you do it?

guy 1- Yeah, those swings are funner than i thought.
by swagga fire June 05, 2010
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