One who codes and is a yogi. The true definition of yoga is to join and when joining yoga and coding one becomes a yoger.
Sun: You sure look amazing this am.

Moon: Thank you!
Sun: What's you're secret?
Moon: Well, I found a way to brighten paths when people take moonlight walks by asking the ocean to reflect my light.

Sun: How did you do that?
Moon: I had to write some code. No biggie all is well. People are happy and so am I.

Sun: My gosh moon you are such a yoger yoga + coder, but I love ya anyways. Thanks for being soul cool.

Moon: Anytime friend, anytime.
by The OG Yoger June 06, 2015
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V: To be in the act of doing yoga. OR

ADJ: To be weathered from too much yoga.

Has Xena called since she yogered?

Can you go to the movies with me tonight...sorry, I'm all yogered out.
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