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abbreviation for young professionalthat rhymes!! -- A recent college graduate in the current generation living on their own that does not consider him or herself a yuppie but finally scored a good job and spends most of their salary at bars.
"Puking at work is awful but sort of like a rite of
passage for a yo pro."
by Mike Dass February 07, 2008
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a young professional, contemporary term for "yuppie"; someone in his or her 20s who has a 9-5 job and wears a suit to work.
eg 1: Oh my god, you look so yo-pro in that skirt suit!
eg 2: The yo-pros upstairs just bought a brand new plasma t.v.!
by Kat Martin July 26, 2003
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Short for "young professional," especially presumptuous, self-interested types.
That bar is overrun by yopros in suits going on and on about their boring office jobs. Why are they acting twice their age?
by froggy923 October 06, 2009
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a young professional who does the typical, lavish young professional activities (happy hour, spending money on ridiculous things, thinking they are one top of the world)
There are so many yo-pro here at the sushi bar.
by mteixeira July 06, 2010
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