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THe act of being one modda in the streets of wayne New Jersey. This can be used Interchangebly for any word in the dictionary.
HIshee: what u do today
nigger: YO MuDDA
by HIshee October 22, 2004
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"Yo mudda" is said by one who feels offended to another. This word basically means "your mum" but in a different way. This word was inspired by an Asian kid. This is the best come back you can ever use to anyone, it distracts them, confuses the f**k out of them and lastly if you say this to your opponent and they have a group of friends it is a high chance of them wrecking the sh*t out of their friend the "opponent.
An example:

boy1: "Omg i forgot to watch the latest Poke Mon show!"
boy2: "Yo mudda forgot to watch the latest poke Mon show, ha.... "

Crowd: "o00000000OOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"
by YOUR mums expert May 31, 2016
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