abbreviation for young professionalthat rhymes!! -- A recent college graduate in the current generation living on their own that does not consider him or herself a yuppie but finally scored a good job and spends most of their salary at bars.
"Puking at work is awful but sort of like a rite of
passage for a yo pro."
by Mike Dass February 7, 2008
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a young professional, contemporary term for "yuppie"; someone in his or her 20s who has a 9-5 job and wears a suit to work.
eg 1: Oh my god, you look so yo-pro in that skirt suit!
eg 2: The yo-pros upstairs just bought a brand new plasma t.v.!
by Kat Martin July 27, 2003
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a young professional who does the typical, lavish young professional activities (happy hour, spending money on ridiculous things, thinking they are one top of the world)
There are so many yo-pro here at the sushi bar.
by mteixeira July 7, 2010
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