For this craft, we will supply a page or two of information on woodburning tips ... er ... hints ... hints on tips ... ykwim.
by zin zinovan March 12, 2008
abbreviation for “you know what i mean

used to explain something and ask the person if they understand
that thang bleedin to the- ykwim?!
by sittingchimp May 13, 2021
person one: "so what are you gonna do about that one chick?"
person two: "idk, for now imma just ride the wave, ykwim?"
by bitchesloveblue September 5, 2017
- Quit fooling around, YKWIM

- Man, that chick is so ugly, sure you went out with her?
- Yeah, she *blows*, IYKWIM.
by Aikana September 15, 2008
Friend: so you wanna come over tonight?
You: sure, like how?
Friend: ykwim!
You: ah ok, ill see you tonight!
by Mewchannn January 5, 2020
Ykwim (pronounced why-kwim) is an abbrevation of the sentence "You know what I meant". It's commonly used to defend yourself when someone teases you about your spoken mistakes.

Ykwim is mostly used verbally, since it looks kind of weird written. Ykwim goes great along fu.

Ykwim is often misspelled as Ywkim, since Ywkim is much easier to type in on the computer.
- Hey, I'll call you later, I'm on school.
- Wow, you're on your school? How is the view up there?
- Ykwim. Fu.
by InventorOfYkwim May 9, 2011
Me: You crash
Then: Don’t you mean trash
me Ykwim
by thyluv.nye November 21, 2021