Nigerian Slang, (Yoruba): for a movement that pushes the nose up slightly showing scornful disagreement with what someone said or did.
1. Dayo: what will you do if your ex goes on her knees and apologize at the cafeteria?

Brad: i won't say a word, i will only yimu and walk away.

2. Mum: if you step into my kictchen one more time, i will have you arrested
Son: you wish.....*yimu
by Bonero February 10, 2012
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A name, originated from asia, represents extream greatness and/or brilliance. It is also a symbol for dazzling beauty, or simply, perfection.
When describing an amazing person. "The guy is simply Yimu!"
by ~E-Moo~ February 3, 2009
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It means 'yasssss bitch'
Person A : hey wanna get some iced coffee

Person B : Yimussssss
by Yimus2000 April 8, 2021
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