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A sassy Chinese girl who will find a solution for anything in her way. Some Yifen’s play the Violin and are probably small in size.
Person 1: Hey Yifen caused more trouble we have to do something.
Person 2:Do you want to get roasted and hit at the same time?
by (/3•)/ May 21, 2018
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Yifen are nice kind people who usually always gets what they want. Some Yifen’s are small in size. Be aware if you get in a fight with a Yifen she will most likely win.
Person 1: Your in a fight with Yifen?
Person 2: Yeah. Why?
Person 2: You know she’s gonna win
by \_(>3<)_/ January 28, 2019
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Yifens are typically stubborn and short anime loving people. They have great grades and play multiple instruments.
Person 1: Who wants to watch some anime?
Person 2: Ask Yifen, She knows many great animes!
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by Emmlynn June 11, 2020
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