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chilling like a beast. you use this phrase when you're just chilling but you're good at it, or when you chill and chill hard because you've just accomplished something commendable that took a lot of hard work.
-Hey, I hear you're graduating from MIT soon with your doctorate degree. How you gonna celebrate?

-Man, it's just gonna be straight up yeti mode for me.
by agoodname May 01, 2011
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yeti mode = chilling like a beast. This phrase means almost the same thing as chilling, but is used when the person who is doing the chilling is nevertheless on top of his or her game while he or she is relaxing or taking a break from something, especially when in solitude or out of the view of others, or if the person hasn't been seen for a prolonged period of time, but still retains respect for being boss, or for having experience or a unique character. The outward appearance of the person in yeti mode is irrelevant.
-What's up? We haven't seen you in awhile! What have you been up to? Is everything alright?
-Yeah, it's all good, just been chillin at home. Yeti mode, you know how it is.
by agoodname April 28, 2011
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