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yendry is a beautiful girl she funny and she is playful but she cares about others if she tells you she loves you is because she truly does. yendry is a lucky girl to be with she will bring you lots of memories to remember and will always make u laugh. yentry will treat a boy right she will make u never stop thinking about her if your lucky to have she will the only thing u want in your life.
1. yendry: playful and pretty

2. complicated to understand

3. has deep feelings
by pseudonymoused February 11, 2018
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A name given to the funniest and most adorable person you will ever meet. His name is very unique just like he is. He is hilarious and will have u laughing all the time. He can be moody but it's all part of his charm. He is mysterious and doesn't let people in easily. But if ur lucky enough to be part of his small circle treasure your time together.
Yendry is my senpai . >•<
by VictoriaWinters July 31, 2017
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