a female, usually caucasian, that has a preference for asian (yellow) men. the female form of yellow fever.
becky is such a yell-hoe
by TheOriginalYell-hoe June 24, 2013
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It is an alternate way of saying hells yes, but cooler.
Court: I have to go, party in a few
Becca: Well get it in!
Court: You know I will

Becca: hells yells!
by beccalicious94 July 20, 2010
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When the university of oregon ducks are on defense and the crowd at Autzen stadium starts yelling "O" and puts their hands in the air forming an O. This amount of noise(mostly from the student section) causes the team on offense to be unable to communicate resulting in an Oregon win.

(Autzen stadium currently holds the record for the loudest stadium with decibel levels reaching up to 127 DB)
(Autzen big screen says: YELL O)
Offensive player: What was the play again?
Quarter back: What?
Offensive player: What?
Quarter back: I cant hear you, the crowd is yelling "O".
Offensive player: What?
by Ducks12 October 16, 2009
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Cyber yelling takes place when people type instant messages in CAPS LOCK. Cyber yelling is usually blatantly unnecessary, and those who do it are usually of the emo or teenie bopper persuasion.
OMIGOSH! IM HIV POSITIVE! Look at me cyber yelling! KTHXBI!
by Rodericko March 16, 2007
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A very popular noise that comes out of Matt Bellamy's voice. Usually happens when Muse performs "Bliss"
Guy: Hey friend, did you hear matt yesterday?

Friend: Nope, did you record his voice?

Guy: Yeah! *plays recording of Bell Yell*

Friend: OH MY GOD that was awesome!
by Shaman of Hardcore January 10, 2008
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Projectile vomiting pepto bismol, making it seem like one is yelling with pepto bismol coming out of their mouth. Symptoms include pink vomit that travels long distances, and a throat that does not burn afterwards due to the pepto. This expression is cousin to technicolor yawn.
Mom: He was so sick last night he puked up the pepto bismol I gave him and it was EVERYWHERE.
Mom 2: The pepto yell, eh? My daughter had that a week ago.
by GeneralFork1Over February 08, 2009
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