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The most epic girl you will ever meet in your life. She looks really rough on the outside but once you get to meet her, she becomes the most charismatic and sweet person ever. She adores socializing, tumblr, music, deep stuff, and drawing. Her favorite bands go along the line of the emo trinity; Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Twenty One Pilots. She is also a beast at any sport (especially soccer and basketball) and will destroy you if you try to challenge her. Overall, Yeidi is just perfect and will leave a big mark in your life if you ever get to meet her. Remember, Yeidis are very hard to find, so if you let them go, keep in mind that it is most likely that you will never encounter someone like them again.
Boy 1: Hey, I heard you met Yeidi
Boy 2: Yup, I finally believe in love at first sight
by ImNotSomebody August 21, 2016
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A person that is pretty but sometimes sochaily odd. Brings fun to any party but is always late.And has a big booty
Kate- Did you got to that party

Tiffany- ya that girls butt was huge

Kate- oh u mean Yeidi size!
by Heffulump October 22, 2013
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