A young adult white male who wears name-brand Southern pride or outdoor clothing (Vineyard Vines, Guy Harvey, Patagonia, etc.), a trucker hat, and Duck boots. They are often seen with lips puckered and their head pushed back, giving them the appearance that they do not have a chin.

Yeebos are typically rude to others, unless that person is a fellow yeebo or a young woman they feel they might have a chance with. Yeebos enjoy activities such as pretending to go hunting, chewing tobacco and spitting the juice on public property, manspreading, driving humungous trucks off-road, and drinking in excess.
"Did you see that yeebo on the bus this morning? He was taking up all the space on his row and spitting tobacco juice into a bottle the whole time."
"Psh, what a typical yeebo."
by chimneyswift October 21, 2017
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A Cartoon character that consists of a Yellow head that is Exaggerated. The Cartoon character has large black eyes, a large black hair style and a tiny body, tiny legs and tiny arms.
Usually found in comics around New Zealand.
Yeebo: Look Jeebo! its Nyan CA
by Derpy-hooves May 22, 2012
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