(boys who attended yeeyee university) unreliable, tend to dip, statistically likely to leave/cheat/join military, drink 24 packs of beer all by themselves, can be associated tightly with the phrase "hold my beer" followed by performing a dangerous act (typically involving a tractor or four wheeler)
He is such a yee boi.
God, I love me some yee bois.
My town is full of yee bois.
by babypears November 8, 2019
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A country ass redneck guy. Probably drives a jacked up truck with massive exhaust pipes sticking out the bed. Most likely has a faded fox racing sticker on the bumper. Wears his "nice" shit kickers to the bar... Or not. Drinks "Busch lattes". His profile pic most likely is him holding a fish or deer. Rotates 3 farm co t-shirts. Uses flavored dip. Lives in the suburbs. Most likely never worked on a farm but considers Ace hardware close enough.
Kyle just got Monster energy wrap on his F350 before the mud pull... Such a Yee Yee boy
by J King November 26, 2021
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Those annoying ass boys at school, the country boys, or the wannabe country boys
The yee yee bois are all in the office again
by Linda Karen October 7, 2019
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A boi who screams excessively yet somehow hasn't been stabbed yet
by Pantacado March 10, 2019
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A boy who is kind of stupid and cringe but thinks not
Girl 1: "why don't you date Kyle"
Girl 2: "I don't date yee yee boi 's"
by Queenofclouds01 August 21, 2019
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When someone uses a method to solve a problem with instant results, however use as a long term solution (or long term safety) cannot be guaranteed.
Bloke 1: Damn, that Boiler was a nightmare to do.
Bloke 2: How did you solve it in the end.
Bloke 1: Yee-Haw Boy!
Bloke 2: So you can expect a call in a couple of months when it has broken and water is going everywhere....
by another one of the lads July 14, 2011
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