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its that group of kids who spends way to many nights writing up a bunch of captions, sidebars, and body copies for the entire school. they go around and take photos of all those memorable moments, like all dances and they even capture some of your ugliest faces, and then go and write about. they are stressed out non stop because deadline is always too close and they probably still have things to do. Forget about a social life cause you can't afford one when your entire grade depends on it. But at the end of the day these kids always help eachother out. At the end of the year you get to take home your work and all the memories while making it.
Boy: whoa it's yearbook squad
Girl: omg I hope they take a picture of us
Boy: ha no, that means they would have to write more than they already do
Girl: true
by YB squad June 29, 2016
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The best squad ever. Jake, Jocelyn, Alexis, Juliana, Jessica, Ellen, Kellie, Bryan and Sabrina. This group of kids are the best group ever. No matter what happens we will be friends. We care about eachother and always have a blast. Even if one day as adults we aren't friends we will always have the memories of the best days of our lives. Even through the stress of yearbook our friendship thrives. Love you all.
Wow. Is that yearbook squad. Dang they are lit. Wish I could be them.
by YB squad September 06, 2016
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