Term coined by the notorious DJ Avery. Can be used in any situation, usually to convey approval. Emphasis on the "Son" is key.
Person 1: "So whats the deal, you headin' down to Dubbage tonight?"

Person 2: "Yeah son!!"
by Smashtactics September 6, 2010
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and exclamation made as one does something, especially something awesome, not necessarily good though

it may also have the variation Yeah Sonny Son
"Dude I finally asked that girl out"
"Yeah Son!"

"Damn that stuff smells hella bad"
by chris watertstraat April 12, 2008
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A term used in greetings, encouragement, agreement, or congratulations to homeboy. It is a friendly term and used for fraternal inclusion.
"We'll be there soon." reply "Yeah son!"

"I smashed last night." reply "Yeah son!"
by CountSmackula August 11, 2010
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made famous by the snowboarder JP walker. can use it at the end of any sentance that talks about something ill
im gonna go pick up some honnies at the beach. yeah son ehh
by AJTAUGE December 12, 2006
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